Yeah… When we stop our restless day-a-day life and decide to look back a bit. One full of events, characters that onde day made difference in our history and the differents sizes of our footprints. These are things we leave to the past.

Music suggestion!

It’s funny, in a way, to think that blog been around since 2010. In six years a lot of things has happened and I feel most proud of myself when I really manage to keep something going for a long time, even posting with a lack of frequency: some drawings, stories, musics, thoughts… That “Adventure” was not empty. It’s a quite an accomplishment (at least for me, right?).

The blog was born in the moment that I thought I was good at drawing and rhyming, but later realized my pessimism and more recently I feel the same way, but with more light in my heart. For a change, this blog hasn’t had any significant areas of development, I’m still bad at things and I felt that in the meantime I’ve lost a litte bit of myself.

The day-a-day, which has different responsibilities, brings a sense of accomplishment in the short term, being also linked to a mandatory reality to reach some goal; or, if we are careless, it becomes meaningless and we live without purpose, just in treacherous chain of life.

Inspirations change, thoughts are recycled, ideas come and go. I remain convicted to maintain this essence.

Can’t say what direction this blog will take, but I want to do what was proposed: gather my sporadic content. Obsolete or (now) irrelevant content has been removed, may they remain in the memories of old friends!